During this workshop we’ll spend the first few weeks learning the core fundamentals of look development and what makes or breaks it in production. We’ll look at lighting environments and how they are captured on set and look at how we can replicate them in the computer. From there we’ll then setup a good turntable environment to study our look-dev in, and move into the shading and texturing and how this defines the look of our subject matter. We’ll then finish up with some advanced techniques and I’ll share some production tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years.

From there we’ll move into the lighting component of the course. Starting again with the core fundamentals of lighting and our available techniques, as well commonly used terms and techniques in production and on set. We’ll then look at what creates interest in lighting, and why certain techniques are chosen and what they achieve. We’ll then move into the environment section and how we can add light using captured environments and HDRI images that we have taken onset to enhance our level of realism. Finally, we’ll look at some advanced techniques and I’ll share some production tricks, and we’ll wrap up by putting our look-developed object into a shot and integrate it with some solid lighting.

Each week will begin with several video tutorials and example images and scenes to study. Most of your time will be spent inside Maya applying the concepts and techniques demonstrated in the examples. We will conclude each week with a production oriented project that will fortify the techniques and skills demonstrated that week.


Week 1: Introduction to Look development.

Week 2: HDRI Environments and light probes.

Week 3: Shaders and the BRDF.

Week 4: Advanced Concepts.

Week 5: Introduction to Lighting.

Week 6: Studying real world lighting and environments.

Week 7: In-depth lighting techniques.

Week 8: Putting it all together.



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